As a third-generation resident, some of my first memories are of playing at Saint Marks Nursery School on Moraga Way and shopping for candy and stickers at the Sandpiper toy store that used to be next door to Orinda Books. The fact that the nursery school chimes on, Orinda Books has bucked the trend and expanded, and our community now counts a farmer’s market where families can celebrate shopping together gives me a sense of calm as I drive past each of these places on the way to my law practice in downtown Orinda.  We live in a pretty exceptional place.  That is not by accident.

Over the course of more than seventy-five years, the people who live here have contributed their ingenuity to make this a place of excellence. As an alum of Sleepy Hollow, Orinda Intermediate School and Miramonte and as a resident for most of my life, I feel an obligation to contribute to well being of the City by listening to my fellow residents, sharing their ideas for making this city even better and responding to issues as they arise.