Selected Endorsements Include: 

Currently Serving In Elected Offices

California State Sen. Steve Glazer

Orinda Mayor Victoria Smith

Orinda City Councilwoman Amy Worth

Orinda City Councilman Dean Orr

Orinda City Councilwoman Darlene Gee

Orinda School Board Member Carol Brown

Acalanes Union School Board Member Susie Epstein

Orinda School Board Member Sarah Butler

BART Director Rebecca Saltzman, District 3

Former Elected Officials

Former Mayor Bobbie Landers

Orinda School Board President Patricia Rudebusch

Former Walnut Creek Mayor Kristina Lawson

Former Mayor Bill Judge

Former Mayor Sue Severson

Former Mayor Tom McCormick

Former Orinda School Board Member Linda Landau

Former Walnut Creek Mayor Kristina Lawson

Current or Former Commissioners

Bob Burt, Finance Advisory Committee

Kathleen Kolman, Parks & Recreation

Nick Kosla, Planning Commission 

Terry Murphy, Planning, Citizens Infrastructure Oversight Commission

Carol Penskar, Finance Advisory Committee

Rebecca Veity, Planning Commission 

Charles Vollmar, Parks and Recreation 

Richard Westin, Parks & Recreation, Finance, Planning and Art in Public Places

Prominent Orindans

Dave and Sandy Anderson 

Julie and Bob Athayde

Ian Baird

Sandy Barnett

Jordan and Lindsay Beck

Doris and Bob Bergman 

John Bower

James Brovelli

Bruce Burrows

Karen Burt

Sylvia and Tim Carter

Soshana Chazan

Greg Chovanes

Susan and Richard Curry

Darien and Don Destino

Nancy Dickmeyer

Linda Doran

Alison and Eric Drasan

Hap and Diane Eames

George Eckard

Jessica and Ethan Elkind 

Jill Fernald

Monica and Graeme Fitzsimmons

Cassandra Forth

Kevin Friedman

Kelly and Glen Gagon 

Dennis Gee

Brent and Laurie Goetzl

John Goyak

Paul Gilbert

Haydee Gustetick

Judy and Jud Hammon 

Tish and Steve Harwood

Helen and Peter Hasselman

Darlene and Peter Hattersley

John Henstrand

Ellie Hoffnagel

Ben and Sarah Holzemer

Cara Hoxie

Phyllis and Gilbert Jay

Leslie Johnson

Shannon Keenan

Bergen Kenny

Elisabeth Kersten

Larissa Kosla

Jim Landau

Kristen and Craig Larsen

Dana Leahy

Charles Levine

Peter Locke

Jason and Jennifer Lurie

Tom and Cinda MacKinnon

Anthony Malutta

Audrey Mao

John Markley

Lindsay Mauceli

Gerry McDermott

David and Pam McDowell

Laura and Josh McDowell

Michael McGowan

Gengxin Miao

Justin Michaels 

Drew and Hadley Mickel 

Li and Bruce Milan

Larry Misckin

Marilyn and Mark Morris

Stephanie and Steve Murphy

Michael Nevitt

Eileen Nevitt

Eartha Newsong

Julie Oliver

Daniel Palmerlee

Nick and Laura Pavlovich

Norman and Janet Pease

Ryan Pedroni

Mark Penskar

David Penskar

Kersti and Bill Peter

Carolyn Phinney

Kit and Allan Prager

Peggy and Jim Quirk

Manoochehr Rahmanian

Mark Roberts 

Pat and John Robertson

Kathie Rupert

Marcela Ch. Ruesga

Steve and Gena Schwartz

Ralph Severson

Pam and Chris Severson

Kenneth Silbert

Shauna Simmonds

Jackie and Gordon Smith

Wick Smith

Jay Solmonson

Martin and Noelle Spittler

Roger Squier

Andrew and Emily Stoddard

Carol and Tom Sueoka

Le Tran Thi 

Bob and Maryett Thompson

Rich Thompson

Jeremy and Laura Tieman

Lynn and Tom Trowbridge 

Joanna Truelson

Joanna Wagner

Alex and Emily Waterbury

Bill Wadsworth

Bill Waterman 

Holly Webster

Susan Wheatley 

Tom Worth

Wilson Wendt

Richard Westin 

John and Bobbie Wilson 

James Phillip Wright

Scott Yancey

Molly and Ben Young

Mani Jeh Zarif Zadeh

George and Marie Zizer